September 7, 2020
Why you should be a tech entrepreneur by Paresh Daya.

1. We are currently in the wave of the fourth industrial revolution (4iR) with the exponential growth of technologies such as AI, block-chain, IoT, Robotics etc. There has never been a better time in history to utilize these technologies for the betterment of global society.

2. Focus on the proposition of value that your business will add. Although the technology is at hand, utilizing the tech as an implementation and foundation is the key – while focusing on how to provide value to the end use consumer.

3. Emerging economies like Africa are ideal locations for solving pertinent problems facing our people today. With Africa poised to soon have the highest youth working population, this poses untapped potential for technology entrepreneurs on the continent.

4. The pandemic has highlighted a significant shift in thinking around the future of work. No longer are permanent jobs considered safe as we have seen extremely high levels of unemployment, which has caused us to rethink how we deliver value for the future. The startup, gig and freelance economy will be one of the rising sectors of work for the future, taking your destiny into your own hands.

5. During crises like Covid-19, we see the financial and economic collapse globally – which is exacerbated within emerging countries. There is a need to fuel SMEs to create jobs and drive economic activity within these regions.

6. Although entrepreneurship is one the toughest experiences that someone will go through in their lives, it is also one of the most fulfilling adventures to truly solve problems and build businesses.

7. The convergence of 4iR technologies truly equips entrepreneurs with the tools required to build cutting-edge, innovative, disruptive solutions and businesses. There are massive opportunities to produce solutions in Africa within the domains of fin-tech, agritech, health-tech, reg-tech and many more.

About Paresh Daya

Paresh has spent his career specializing in financial technology, predominantly working for global, tier-1 investment banks across the UK and South Africa. His extensive experience of over 15 years includes expertise in leading and executing within the corporate investment banking domain, and is now based within the startup and entrepreneurial space. He is currently the Chief Strategy Officer of Fraxeum, the Co-Founder of Blink & BECSA, a Consensus member of the South African National Block-chain Alliance (SANBA) and the ex-Chairman of Technology for the South African Financial Block-chain Consortium (SAFBC)

His passion lies in the areas of the 4th industrial revolution and focuses on journeying to a new financial world by building and scaling fintech businesses that are based on digital assets and blockchain. He is an international speaker and trusted advisor, driving block-chain initiatives and communities across the African continent and the world. He strives to make a large inclusive, socio-economic, and technological impact. Follow Paresh on or on LinkedIn

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