September 28, 2020
Why you should be a tech entrepreneur by CEO of Indian tech company 9-Series, Ashwin Vairu.

Technical  Entrepreneurship

Problems we see around are the opportunities. Being technical and logical minds, we can always find solutions for those challenges with the use of right technologies.


Problem Statement: I travel every quarter to South Africa since 2018 for business purposes and I end up discussing a few common topics such as skills development, jobs creation, women empowerment and youth development. This is not only the problem in South Africa, but across the globe in many countries, intensity may be different. That means, it’s a good opportunity.

Quick Analysis: As per my observation, job creation may not be the first problem to solve, jobs are already there, either it is outsourced or people from other countries with those skills are migrating to take those jobs. Salary standards may be another important factor.

Possible Solution: It’s an opportunity for a tech entrepreneur, where a technology platform can be developed that would help to bridge the gap of skills by connecting various interest groups and stakeholders.

As  entrepreneurs, we should 

  1. Be ready to give up everything when the time comes
  2. Not afraid of failures
  3. Remain focussed
  4. Remain persistent in efforts
  5. Determination is the key
  6. Get in the circle of like-minded
  7. Be ready to take more responsibilities
  8. Remain open to learning from every situation
  9. Remain open to Collaborate

I truly believe in “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, a quote from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

I wish all the success for your efforts to make a better South Africa & the world.

Ashwin was

He studied in government school. After 12th grade, during vacation, he used to take previous day newspapers (give it back the next day) from a nearby grocery shop while taking cattle to the field for grazing. One day he read an article on computer skills and its future, where it was mentioned that one can get a good job as well as start their own business with less investment. He decided to study computer engineering after that and do his own business one day

Ashwin now

Co-founder @9series | Co-founder @HyperTech Logistics | Co-founder @WeCode

He is an engineer and entrepreneur. He played various roles from a software developer to a business developer in the last 15 years. An analyst with detailed eye observation, a business strategist to assist Start-ups, Individuals, SMEs and Enterprise businesses for their end to end technology needs, and a believer in social cause to earn mental strength and happiness. He is a marathon runner, nature lover and a man from the modern world who believes in humanity on top of all the religions.

You can connect with Ashwin on Website, Blog, LinkedIn

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