July 27, 2020
The reasons why you should be a tech entrepreneur from the founder & MD of Envisionit Group.

My reasons for being an entrepreneur and a tech entrepreneur specifically:

1. Nobody knows our challenges in South Africa and the African continent better than we do.

2. Complaining about a challenge we face or a problem with our world doesn’t change the situation.

3. If you find something a challenge or a problem, chances are, you aren’t the only one

4. I have a mindset that always pushes me to rise to the challenges I face with the aim of solving those challenges. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words so I’m all about getting shit done.

5. As individuals working alone, there’s only so much of an impact we can have. When you solve for a challenge using tech, not only do you provide a product to those close to you but you can literally help people all around the world. Your impact can be truly amplified.

6. With tech, your accessible market can literally be every person with internet access. You aren’t limited to your community/ city/province/ country. This is something that truly excites me.

7. Tech helps level the playing field. If you have access to the technology you can compete with the best in the world on an equal footing, irrespective of your circumstance, your location, etc. Opportunities and possibilities for you to succeed in your business are far greater when we embrace technology.

About Terence

He holds a Bcomm in investment management from UNISA, Founder and Managing Director of Envisionit Group of Companies (Capital Solutions, Deep AI, Investments, Stock Lending Solutions & Truzo.com). Founder and Trustee of the Envisionit Dare to Dream Bursary Foundation and Founder of The Envisionit Prize. 18 years in financial services (specifically deal funding & structuring, hedge funds, private equity, and securities lending-related). African Leadership Academy – Board member, UK Government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme, Top 20 National Small Business of the Year South Africa, Finalist 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year. nominated 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the year – Southern Africa; Featured in Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) Black Book of Game Changers 2013-16, Speaker and panelist – Wharton Africa Conference 2013
Previous roles, Non-Exec Director – All Weather Capital, Co-Head Sanlam Prime Services, Head of operations – Peregrine Capital, member South African Scrip Lending Association (SASLA)  Linkedin

The Envisionit Group has 2 tech businesses, Envisionit Deep AI and TruZo.

Envisionit Deep AI (EDAI) is an innovative medical technology company that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to streamline and improve medical imaging diagnosis for radiologists. Check out our website EDAI Africa / RADIFY AI.

The Group created EDAI due to the fact that there are only 20 pediatric radiologists in Africa while there are 400m people under the age of 15. It takes 14 years to qualify as a peads radiologist. The only way to democratize access to adequate medical diagnostics was to use technology to augment and multiply the current human capacity. Ratify, the AI model can analyze and triage 2,000 chest x-Rays at the same time it takes a human to analyze 1 x-Ray.

TruZo (derived from the words Trust and Zone) is a digital escrow platform that creates trust between strangers when buying and selling goods or services. When buyers and sellers agree to a deal, we hold the buyer’s funds securely in trust and only release payment to the seller on confirmed delivery to the buyer. By doing this we ensure nobody is scammed. Check out our website truzo or download our world-first escrow app, TruZo, from your app store.

The group created TruZo to solve for the high levels of scams and corruption in SA. Low levels of trust result in low levels of GDP growth. When we trust more, we trade more and when we trade more we grow the economy and create more jobs. Now, in a post COVID world, we’ve seen a significant spike in scams and thousands of businesses close with jobs lost. By conducting business in a safe and secure manner with TruZo we can work together to rebuild our economy without fear of scams and corruption.

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