August 17, 2020
Founders Factory Africa’s CSO advice on why you should be a tech entrepreneur in Africa.
  1. Tech entrepreneurship builds strong talent across SA and the rest of Africa. Talent is vital to the growth and prosperity of African economies. Strengthening talent, or more broadly – “Human capital” —the education, skills, and health of people— in Africa is underpinned by tech ventures making smart investments in people. 
  2. Tech entrepreneurship drives new and better solutions, serving the foundational needs of thousands and millions of people living in South Africa and beyond. Now more than ever, in the era of Covid-19, so many people require access to food, shelter, electricity, water, finance, health jobs, etc. Tech startups are able to increase the access and affordability to these much-needed services and are therefore vital to the recovery and development of SA and other markets in Africa. 
  3. Tech entrepreneurship changes the way people work and the results of their efforts. The agility, the speed, the user-centricity of tech startups allow other stakeholders (government, private sector, NGOs, universities) to collaborate and learn. Ultimately this leads to better, faster, and more sustainable outcomes for all – thereby transforming and strengthening the development of SA and other countries beyond SA, in Africa. 
  4. Tech entrepreneurship drives commercial and impacts success in South Africa: attracting FDI from global markets, catalyzing local investment, providing people with jobs, upskilling new talent, impacting lives, and transforming livelihoods. It is estimated that Africa’s GDP would grow by $300 billion a year by 2025 should African countries adopt digital tech = a 10% growth of GDP because of tech. Therefore, tech entrepreneurship has a large role to play in the economic prosperity of nations.
  5. Tech entrepreneurship births new ideas, discourses, and paradigms that affect the political dynamics and order of South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world. Political agility leads to countries pushing and investing more in tech entrepreneurship, and those that do – are at the forefront of innovation, disruption, competition, and therefore development and success. 

About Alina

She is the Chief Strategy Officer of Founders Factory Africa. Founders Factory Africa is a tailored, tech-based, £40mm corporate-backed venture development company, building and scaling 140 Africa’s ventures in the next 5 years across the continent. FFA is based on a unique model of combining leading corporate investors and partners, with a 50+ operational team, to design, build, and grow Africa’s best businesses. Follow Alina on Linkedin.

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