September 17, 2020
African News Agency and Silicon Durbs partner to open up the tech industry to startups

Silicon Durbs started two years ago with a mission to develop a Durban based start-up ecosystem with
the vision to grow to other cities in the African continent. They have had the opportunity to engage with
stakeholders and entrepreneurs alike, and have developed programs and initiatives that are always for
the development of entrepreneurs.
One of the initiatives that Silicon Durbs has developed is the 1000 Tech Entrepreneurs Campaign which
is a national initiative that will host Ideation to MVP Bootcamps in different cities across the country.
The campaign launched on June 16th, 2020, the reason why specifically this date was chosen is the
South African history of 1976 that is associated with the date. We have seen in the past that the day was
commemorated by hosting several events that were always bringing the old memories. We wanted to
celebrate the day by doing what we believe the youth of June 16 fought for. For us to have the freedom
to be free and be the change for the future, set goals and challenge the status quo.
To amplify this, Silicon Durbs has chosen to partner with African News Agency as a media partner.
Silicon Durbs Chairperson, Lindani Mkhize, says: “Our partnership with Africa News Agency not only
makes us happy, but also fits into our long-term plan of crossing over to other cities, it will add
tremendous value to our ecosystem and entrepreneurs. This partnership will give South African
emerging tech start-ups the voice they need and will open doors that were impossible to open before.
On behalf of all our partners, sponsors and entrepreneurs we are welcoming IOL Tech and the African
News Agency to the family as our Media Partner. ”
Since we started the campaign, we have had an amazing opportunity of engaging and partnering with
some of the amazing individuals and organizations across the country. We are amazed by how South
Africans are willing to develop a nation that is actively participating in a global technology
entrepreneurship and Innovation stage. We were also excited to see the reception we are still receiving
till this day from South Africans aspiring tech entrepreneurs from different cities across the country.
African News Agency will harness its digital and print prowess with premium titles such as
providing coverage on Silicon Durbs Events, monthly digital magazines to IOL News subscribers that will
showcase all our leading startups and entrepreneurs. This will extend to Silicon Durbs event partners
and event sponsors as well.(T’s and C’s apply)
1000 tech entrepreneurs:
1000 technology entrepreneurs’ campaign is a South African national movement to help aspiring tech
entrepreneurs learn about building a tech start-up. The Aspiring tech entrepreneurs are given an
opportunity to set up tech start-ups that are centric around solving industry and real-world challenges
within 5 days. The following months’ entrepreneurs will be assisted to grow their start-ups further. The
campaign is a nationwide campaign with Ideation and MVP boot camps which are structured to assist
entrepreneurs set up their tech start-ups being held across South Africa in different cities. Interested
entrepreneurs and partners register to join the campaign on
The campaign edition one is targeting 1000 individuals from across South Africa to be given an

opportunity to start their tech entrepreneurship journey through Ideation and MVP Bootcamps that
will be held in their cities. Edition two and annually going forward will differ from version one. The
campaign will not tour and be done in a singular city at a time, but it will be done in a different
structure since the ecosystem partnerships will be made through edition one. Edition will rely heavily
on ecosystem partnerships made on edition one, the second edition will focus on growing the culture
at a scalable rate. The Boot camps will focus on solving industry or society real world challenges and
will be hosted at once across the country, this will save time and money and most importantly give
national ecosystem partners a platform to collaborate and partners on one vision and goal.

1000 Tech entrepreneurs Summit: 16-17 2021
The campaign will close with a summit event that will be help in Durban where the impact of the event
will be discussed at length and a plan to launch second edition

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