September 14, 2020
1000 Tech Entrepreneurs Campaigns welcomes new partner Ventures Online.

Ventures Online is there to serve as a virtual mentor to help guide any aspiring entrepreneur to build their business from the ideation phase to a point where they are invest-able.  Ventures Online was founded by Zaio Founder & CEO and Charnelle Khoza, Mongameli Khawula, Fezeka Nzama who are still students at the University of Cape Town.

“We noticed a lack of guidance and support in the entrepreneurial space. As such, people tend to struggle to go about building a business and they fail to eventually secure funding as they are not going about it the correct way. So, in response, we compiled 23 weeks of content that touch on all the topics that we believe are necessary to any founder, to guide entrepreneurs step-by-step through their journeys”. Mvelo Hlophe

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, it can be tricky to get guidance and support. This platform therefore exists to serve that purpose; to guide entrepreneurs through the early stages of their businesses. To engage with other entrepreneurs, share opportunities, and ask questions that can help them grow their businesses

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