July 2, 2020
1000 Tech Entrepreneurs Campaign is joined by Vantage Lab that is based in Gauteng.

We are happy to announce and welcome Vantage Lab as our new and latest partner.
Vantage Lab has joined us on our mission to encourage and assist 1000 South African
individuals to start and grow their tech start-ups within the period of twelve months. With
partners such as Vantage Lab coming on board, we are more than confident that we will
realise our goal and achieve it on time. This partnership will be a critical value-add for the
founders who will be joining the campaign especially those in the Gauteng region.

Collaborations and partnerships will play a huge role to the success of entrepreneurs who
will start their entrepreneurial journey through the campaign, they will also amplify the
success and the impact of the campaign beyond the 12 months period for the campaign. We call
upon other fellow South African business leaders and organizations to be part of the ecosystem that will assist the development of a new generation of South African tech entrepreneurs.

About Vantage Lab:

Vantage Lab’s purpose is to help clients with value creation and capture and to enable these
through the design, innovation, and execution of their Leadership and Human Capital
strategy, development, and research. They help clients navigate the many strategic
themes and the changing business landscape to evolve their leadership and human
capital strategies and value chains accordingly. This creates a vantage point to co-
create solutions with their clients and coach them through execution.

Related to the current mission of 1000 tech start-ups, Vantage Lab has informed the strategy
and design of an incubator and is facilitating the execution thereof. They have
provided contextualized and customized human capital solutions. They are currently
engaged in an assignment that involves the use of a crypto-economic system

Vantage Lab will assist entrepreneurs who will emerge from the campaign with free services such as:

  • Entrepreneur development through its integrated model including the development of
    leadership, strategy, team effectiveness, and execution skills
  • Visioning, ideation, and problem framing and solving
  • Coaching
  • Advising on Human Resource Management (such as the development of the human capital architecture and value chain, including talent management) and Human
    Resource Development

Vantage Leadership

Dr Ajay Jivan is the founding Director of Vantage Lab. Ajay draws on his inter-disciplinary
knowledge, research, work experience and skills to help clients. He has worked as a
registered Clinical Psychologist; has held diverse management and consulting roles in the
public, non-profit and private sectors; and leads the research, product development and
university accreditation portfolios at the South African HR Professional Body. The diverse
roles Ajay has held are in strategic and operational management, human resource
management and development, clinical management, and as a University lecturer. He has a
Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (University of Witwatersrand) and a Masters degree

in Public and Development Management (Wits School of Governance). He received his Ph.D.
at the Wits Business School. His doctoral research focused on the design, integration,
management, and innovation of leadership development.

Why Vantage Lab joined the campaign?

The creation of ecosystems for the development and sustainability of entrepreneurs,
particularly tech start-ups, and youth in South Africa is one of Ajay’s passions and a key
focus area for Vantage Lab. Ajay believes that start-ups are a critical engine for socio-
economic development in South Africa and that innovation and disruption can be harnessed
constructively to create a more dynamic and inclusive economy. This is the reason we have
joined the 1000 tech entrepreneur mission. We need bold goals and bold initiatives to create
a better life for all.

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