July 7, 2020
10 Reasons why you should be a tech entrepreneur from a renowned tech entrepreneur, Adviser, and mentor in Europe and Africa


  1. Why not? Why shouldn’t it be you that is the next Elon, Bill, Jeff, Mark, Tim?
  2. You believe in yourself, your ideas and can explain them in plain language.
  3. You are committed to it – for the long term.
  4. You recognize that some of your ideas won’t work, but that’s ok – many of the biggest
    tech companies started with a very different initial product set.
  5. You have a vision, the motivation, opportunity, and the long term resilience to make a difference – and if you do, the money will follow.
  6. You recognize it won’t be easy but tackling tough problems with a unique solution of your own is what gets you out of bed every day – so you will ride the bumps and come out on top eventually.
  7. You have an innate personal magnetism that enables you to inspire people to join you on your journey – and achieving your purpose with a trusted network is rather satisfying.
  8. It’s doable. There is lots of help and advice out within the public and private sector, you can get mentoring, business, and technical assistance.
  9. Innovation funds are accessible and growing in Africa. Seed money is available for startups and scale-ups – it’s up to you to put yourself forward in a professional manner.
  10. Africa is at the tipping point of digital enablement – earn your position within.

Neil Vose’s BIO

Neil is a digital growth consultant, marketing executive, and technology entrepreneur with 24 years’ experience gained working in Europe, North America, and Sub Saharan Africa.

Over the last two decades, Neil has advised and worked with many hypergrowth brands across financial Services, Healthcare, Tech/Telco, Media, and FMCG sectors. He is currently CMO for a start-up FinTech brand, Aquarius.

Neil has an advisory portfolio across a number of African social technology Scale-Ups; an
African mentor for global Tech Accelerator, Startupbootcamp and a board member of
Durban based NPO Breathe Ocean Conservation.

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